Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We in the library have devised a brilliant plan for a new confectionery item... Quicklish! Morsels of licorice so tiny you can finish the entire packet in a matter of seconds.

I guess it should be spelled quicklice, because it's a combination of 'quick' and 'licorice'. But quicklice looks like it's related to some form of lice, and that's not really the look (or taste, for that matter) we're going for.

For now, the question is: would you buy Quicklish?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Librarian by day...superhero by night

"Too Goodwin!" her colleague cried out, gaping at the computer screen.

"Oh heck, that's just Badwin!" Liz Rary responded.

"Joanna Rustly...!" The colleague dissolved into helpless gales of laughter.

"You're kidding?"

The colleague wiped at her eyes, shoulders shaking. "Just reminds me of a know, rustling in the wind."

Liz Rary frowned. "Do boats rustle?" She peered around her own computer screen at a second colleague. "Hey, do boats rustle?"

Third colleague thought about it for a moment. "Hmm...don't think so."

"Hey, wait! This guy's name is Dennis Dennis! I'm not even kidding!"

"Dennis Dennis?"


"He could so totally be Arch Nemesis."

"No, it's Archie Nemesis, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah - Archie Nemesis. Ordinary guy by day, super villain by night!"

"To match me, you mean?"

"Yep. Elizabeth Rary, librarian by day...superhero by night!"

"So Badwin..."