"I've never thought of doing anything with Iced Vovo's except eat them..."

"When I say 'book'...I mean iPad."

"She's like...I dunno...something."

"That thing of stuff..."

"This is just an invoice... We will call it 'trust'. I know no codes!"

"Beigist - racist against beige."

"There's always something stupid somewhere."

"I must admit...I stupidly hoped nothing would go wrong."

"Can unbelievers use your library catalogue?"

"Surely that's not sugar?!"

"Back to the bat cave!"

"Who's a good little chron job?! (coochy coo)"

"A cucumberless cucumber is cumbersome..."

"It was so quiet you could hear a drip drop."

"I'm a little koala bear, yes I am!"

"Where are the chairs? Oh yeah, they'll be in the thingo room!"

"There's no IT in logic."

"Not if you were the last old man on earth."

"Quicklish... Mmm!"

"May the junk food fairy be with you."

"My brian is flailing ..."

"It's not a tuber!"

"You can foam your own way!" (courtesy of Blink Coffee)

"Ooh, coffee! I mean, rain!"

P.S. They're really just...well, quotes.

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