Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“I'm absolutely chockers...!”

My colleague just returned to the office after a late lunch/early afternoon tea (which we are thinking of referring to as Aunch, or perhaps Afunch...to match Munch, which we have mentioned in a previous blog post - and incidentally, there's another timeless question for you. Or perhaps it will become timeful after we've made our final decision...any input is welcome! Right, enough of this brackets business now) and said, "I'm absolutely chockers!"

I proceeded to inform her that I doubted very much if any of my American friends would have a clue what she meant by that. Just to clarify, it means she ate her fill (perhaps slightly more than her fill) in a time period spanning 11am to 1:20pm (or so). That is, spanning from MUNCH to AFUNCH. Now that I've muddied the waters, let me clarify - SHE'S FULL O' FOOD.

P.S. "Aunch" would be pronounced ORNCH...and Afunch? Well, no need to explain that one, right?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is it possible to have a daydream at night?*

Apparently, if you search for this question on Google, you'll find that we're far from the first to ask it. Guess it's only natural, since none of us ever have an original thought...right? That begs the question - surely somebody, sometime, did have an original thought? I mean, what about the first person who ever had a thought? Or the first primate. The first single-celled organism. Ummmm, wait...!

I'm not a scientist, so I'll shut up now.

*Incidentally, I just did a combination of a hiccup and a burp, and it's been deigned a hiccurp. But the way it's said reminded me of nasty stuff like herpes, and I said, "That sounds like a cross between a burp and an STD." Hence hiccerpes. All of this leads to the revelation that...sometimes librarians can be more gross than funny.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Farewell, wall of doom...or was it gloom?

Our office used to house gross dusty shelving with crap that wasn't ours. Okay, most of the crap wasn't ours. The stuff that was is now on bookshelves. But the point is that the wall of doom slash gloom is GONE. Our office is so light it might just float away. In fact, I think it is...!

We might as well have an actual window in here, it's so bright!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

F for Fred...and 5 for one-two-three-four-five

Did you know that you can refresh your Gmail inbox by pressing F5?

Well I'll be darned!

And I don't mean with wool, either.

Carry on, people, nothing to see here.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cups and cups of hiccups

We just had our Melbourne Cup lunch. Oh my GOSH, the secret's out. We are Australian. Oh well, it had to emerge sometime...

Somebody's got hiccups. Another person needs dental floss. Still a third continues to wear her fascinator. She wore it to the shops to buy cheese.

And we are all full of food.

A little bit of champers bubbles away in our veins. Except that not everybody had champagne. One person had beer, and another had a huuuuuge glass of red wine. I was impressed by the volume of that one!