Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“I'm absolutely chockers...!”

My colleague just returned to the office after a late lunch/early afternoon tea (which we are thinking of referring to as Aunch, or perhaps Afunch...to match Munch, which we have mentioned in a previous blog post - and incidentally, there's another timeless question for you. Or perhaps it will become timeful after we've made our final decision...any input is welcome! Right, enough of this brackets business now) and said, "I'm absolutely chockers!"

I proceeded to inform her that I doubted very much if any of my American friends would have a clue what she meant by that. Just to clarify, it means she ate her fill (perhaps slightly more than her fill) in a time period spanning 11am to 1:20pm (or so). That is, spanning from MUNCH to AFUNCH. Now that I've muddied the waters, let me clarify - SHE'S FULL O' FOOD.

P.S. "Aunch" would be pronounced ORNCH...and Afunch? Well, no need to explain that one, right?


  1. What about P.M.L?? 'P'ost 'M'unch 'L'unch!! I did also think of ANTunch - 'A'fter 'N'oon 'T'ea-unch.... but I like PML better ;-p

    Also, further to choc-o-block... full-as-a-goog!!

  2. Full as a goog, but not GEWG, and not GUG...somewhere in between!

    I think I like PML too, 'cause it's got a nice ring to it.