Monday, February 27, 2012

Sugar Plum Fairies, dancing all around

If you feel the urge to swear but don't want to offend sensitive colleagues' ears, why not yell out, "Sugar Plum Fairies!" at the top of your lungs?

Sugar Plum Fairies is an inhabitant of our newly-cleaned-in-2012 whiteboard. Other things on the whiteboard include a map of all the different times of the day in which one can pause to eat:

  • 8am-9am - Breakfast
  • 9am-10am - Brorning Tea
  • 10am-11am - Morning Tea
  • 11am-12pm - Munch
  • 12pm-2pm - Lunch
  • 2pm-5pm - Postmunchitis

Some of these you may recognise from previous blog posts around here.

Also on the board at present is a note pointing to the "Naughty Fan Corner", where our fan sits sulking 'cause we made it face the wall (prevents unseemly blowing of air into library employees' eyeballs and/or carefully coiffed hair). The fan did have an outing one day, when it was loaned out to another colleague just down the corridor a little way. But the fan had been naughty once again so it's back in its corner. Sulking.

I'd go on, but I want to mention a very special author featured in our library catalogue: one William McConnel Wanklyn, who authored the works:

  • The administrative control of smallpox : how to prevent or stop an outbreak (86 p., 1913)
  • London public health administration : a summary showing the principal authorities, with their origin, services and powers (59 p., 1913).

It seems Mr. Wanklyn was a pretty busy guy in 1913!


  1. I started following this blog after the '80s blogfest, have landed on this post as I do the rounds and now feel utter disorientation.

    Still, I wanted to let you know I'd read it. Even if I have absolutely nothing intelligent to comment.