Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Did you mean...holy mofos batman?"

Google tells us that "holy mofo's" should not have an apostrophe. But what if we're talking about a holy mofo's right to free speech? In that case, a holy mofo certainly has the right to an apostrophe in his or her sentence.

After I commented with "holy mofos" on a colleague's Facebook status (as one does while in the office, when discussing coming wild weather that will send us all home from work early), said colleague commented in response: "...Batman!" After which she set out on a mission to discover whether or not anyone else in the world had ever said "Holy mofos, Batman" before.

She found 5 results with an early search, but then the question came up: do you include that comma or not? Do you include an apostrophe, in which case you're actually talking about a holy mofo's Batman - maybe a Batman figurine in a holy mofo's possession? Oh, the possibilities are endless...but now I must check if she's still Googling holy mofos and Batman.

No, she's not. She's Googling what "kts" means, and it means...not what is in the Wikipedia article, which turned out to be WROOOONNGGGGGG.

See, kids? It's like the librarian told you. Don't trust Wikipedia.

P.S. Does Spiderman have a car?


  1. Yes!!! It's called the Spideymobile... bloody Wikipedia....

    1. Spideymobile!!! :) That's noice. and yeah, Wikipedia is the ickybomb.

  2. Oh! Ali beat me to the Spideymobile. But wait a minute, I thought I was just making it up - is it really true? Hmm, better look it up in Wikipedia, hehe.

  3. Funny posting. I use Google a lot, even for spell check. :/ I should Google Spidermans car to see what comes up, just kidding.
    Enjoyed reading your post!