Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Edward Joseph Doherty...or "Eddie" to his mates

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I came across this author in the library catalogue today, and thought nothing much of him till Library of Congress Authority Headings informed me his name should be written as "Doherty, Eddie, 1890-1975" instead of "Doherty, Edward Joseph, 1890-1975." Funny how a little bit of informality can change one's perception of a guy. But I still didn't get really intrigued until I checked out his books on our catalogue and found:

  1. Splendor of sorrow : for sinners only (1943)
  2. Psalms of a sinner (1976)
  3. Lambs in wolfskins : the conquering march of don John Bosco (1953)

    and my personal favourite:

  4. A hermit without a permit (1977)
Seems as if half his books were published posthumously. Seems also like the guy led an interesting life. But really, I just wanna know more about the hermit who has no permit! Especially after I just looked at the product description:

"Meditations fun and frolicsome, by an elderly Irish hermit!"
There's more, too, like what may be chapter titles: "God is a Pushover", "The Most Unmortified Christian Mystic" and "Beware the Divine Pickpocket!"

Sounds to me like this Eddie guy lived a life of great vivacity!


  1. Sounds like a very clever guy and an interesting read. Hey, I like your background!

  2. I agree definitely sounds like his work would be a fascinating read, much like your blog post.