Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's been a long time between rants

Hello everyone who isn't reading this!

I wanted to post something at least in 2014, so that this blog could have some TLC at least once a year. I have just added our latest word to the Facetious Fesaurus: "tawse". Go to the fesaurus to find out what this fascinating word means!

I have to admit to one of our favourite pastimes of late - looking up funny and ridiculous personalised numberplates on this site. I also keep a collection of personalised numberplates spotted out on the roads, which I update in a secure location where only friends can see. And I have a lot of people who help in that they report their own sightings of numberplates.

The latest report was of a number plate reading XTRAHOT.

Some of the worst ones are just too naughty to write in public, so I won't write them here. But they really do make a person wonder ... what are some people thinking?!

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