Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A list of 'whiteboard things' from May 2015

We agreed we should probably make a public record of 'stuff' that is on our whiteboard currently, because it's getting pretty chockers and that means it's going to be wiped clean sometime soon!

Ironically there isn't really anything work related, though I guess this one is a little bit related to some of the work we do:


Mostly though, it's things like:

-The absolute minimum of work that can be done
before it's seen as "not working"

"May the junk food fairy be with you"
- Trisha, 2014

The tedium of a tedious task is tediousness
.... tediously ....

a really small piece of a really big cake


There's more where that came from, but I
want a piece of mud cake with whipped
cream and a San Churro's hot chocolate
drizzled over it all. And I can't have one.
So here ends the blog post!

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