Thursday, December 8, 2016

I swug this (new version of "I got this")

Hello again,

It isn't far off the end of 2016, and so we're getting in just in time with a post for the year. There isn't much of interest to say, except we always get a kick out of popping back to this blog and checking out the sheer madness of years past, captured in wacky blog posts for all the world to see.

We just hope there is no global disaster that ends up killing the interwebs, and therefore our wonderful blog of stupidity.

This time I have a new Facetious Fesaurus addition to report:

  • past tense of swig when you can't be bothered using extra letters to write "swigged" - "I swug that coffee."

And here is the last photo we took of the whiteboard prior to it being wiped (the most recent time):

Since this most recent wipeage, we have actually encountered the most extraordinary word in an unknown language in one of our metadata records, and our interpretation of its definition (to be added to the Fesaurus after this post is published):

    a tangerine on a tangent at Plantagenent .... O.O huh??

In closing, may we just say... "Happy New Year and Merry 'All That Stuff'!"

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