Thursday, October 13, 2011

I know a library lady...

...who once was quite anti-cats. Well, I wouldn't say she was anti them, more that she had a dog and cats were just 'eh' to her. Then a relative of hers got a cat, and suddenly the thought of having one of her own didn't seem too bad. She adopted a very cute little kitty, which shocked all her colleagues. Wait a've got a kitten? I thought you didn't like felines! But then it got even weirder...!

She adopted a second kitten. Colleagues were puzzled, confused, arching brows all over the place. I tell you, brows were simply out of control! How could this lady who didn't really have much passion for the feline kind suddenly have two cats?

AND got weirdest of all! Because this library lady got a THIRD CAT.

It was official. She'd joined the ranks of library cat lady. But she wasn't alone, because numerous of her colleagues were already in those ranks. Don't get me wrong, there are still staunch dog-only library folk in the same workplace as these cat ladies. But there's just no denying that, in this particular library at least, the tradition of cat lady-ness is strong.

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