Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's MUNCH time!

And by munch I mean morning tea and lunch combined. Well, it's 10:39am, so closer to lunchtime than to morning tea time. Wouldn't you agree? Ohhhhh, now here we go, let's start debating.

Kidding, kidding. My colleague and I just walked up the street. In the distance I saw a rather wince-worthy sight - COM was headed our way, a determined look on his COF (for an explanation, see the Facetious Fesaurus). I wanted to cross the street to avoid him, but my colleague said "It's too late, he's seen you!" So we kept walking...and he walked right past and didn't see us.

I said, "Maybe he didn't recognise me, what with my swollen head and everything." (See previous blog post for details on Harry-ette Potter, the librarian who lived)

Anyway, COM has been read the letter of the library law and maybe, just maybe, we've seen the end of him. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile...it's 11:00am...still totally MUNCH time.

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