Monday, October 17, 2011

When is a scoff fair enough?

Now that's a lotta 'f' sounds. But seriously, we need some input here.

Apparently because the fan in our office is an oscillating fan, it's going to oscillate some air when it's switched on. I scoffed at this notion but not because I doubt it. No, because I found my colleague's choice of words rather scoffworthy... Even amusing!

Now I leave you with some timeless questions:

1. When is an oscillating fan not an oscillating fan?
2. When is a scoff fair enough?


  1. Synonyms for oscillate:

    Move forward
    See also: Move backward

    Move to
    See also: Move fro


  2. It's an oscillating fan!! So it MUST oscillate the air!! I stand by my statement... lol

  3. If an oscillating fan screams in a forest, is it really a screaming oscillating fan?

  4. Only if you're walking through the forest and hear it?

  5. What if you've got your iPod headphones in?? Do you hear it then?