Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roses chocolates for dinner...Pods for dessert

One of our number just had a holiday while her husband took her kids down south for a few days. She informs us that last night she had a box of Roses chocolates for dinner. Dessert? Pods!

Said chocolate-eater's cat got in a nasty fight recently, and he's in a bit of a sorry state right now. But from what I understand of this burly bully cat, we should see the other guy (who, incidentally, is called Fiddy...or Blackie...or Barry White, depending on your perspective).

In other news of the feline variety, there once was Evil Orange, a cat of mighty evil-ness, but now he's living in Kalamunda. There is however a replacement, an evil kitty protégé who has stepped up to the mark. This white cat is known only by the name Whitey McWhiterson, but undoubtedly he has an actual proper name.

One thing's for certain, though - this cat is goin' down! Nobody messes with Superhero Librarian Elizabeth Rary's cats.


  1. To be more precise, they were "Cherry Ripe" Pods followed by a Coca-Cola chaser...

  2. Shoddy journalistic work here, there SHOULD have been confirmation of the type of Pods... And how could we have missed the Coca Cola bulletin?!!?

  3. OMG what are Pods?? they look uhm...interesting? i must have some! uhh yeah. :)